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 Astounding Bounds

Amazing Leaping Strides

Astounding Bounds
Giving Smart Tots
An Earlier Start

We aim to help parents help their children begin academics as early as they can. We believe being smarter is planned.

We tutor

 reading and language arts skills to tots. In the future we plan to add math skills and electives.



Dissussion of expectation and needs for your child.

                                     .                                                                Storytime

Live or recorded specialized story time. Storytime will improve your childs love for literature. It will enhance knowledge of words. And help advance your child's vocabulary.

            Personal                       Affirmation

We help you formulate a personalize affirmation for your child. This is a positive statement that help you child fortify a strong self belief.


    Flash Cards

Your child will be introduced to words planned are planned directions of your child's life. Your child can learn all basic words along with specializes words as planned with parents.

     Basic  Word                 Recognition                                             

We help make a personalize affirmation for your child to help enhance positive self emotions.

          Reading and           Comprehension

This session will help your child gain ability to read and show what your child understands about words, sentences and passages.


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“My son’s vocabulary increased tremendously. He enjoyed the challenge of pronouncing new words which increase his read skills. He showed the greatest satisfaction when reading to our family.” 

Oreal, Jordan's  mom

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